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There are many ways all year long in which you can help care for our equine friends, who will never again be forced to perform, entertain, or work.  Become a volunteer at HorseSave and have fun and make new friends, while helping animals.

You don't need to have land, or even donate money to the rescue. You can volunteer your time and talents to help us. We can always use help with fundraisers, help around the farm, brush hogging, brush horses, anything you can do will help make a difference!! We are always looking for volunteers who are interested in helping with maintaining the grounds, grooming and caring for the equines, assisting the equine care staff with mucking, feeding, grooming, and provide other equine care as needed.

If you have special skills – farm work, computer work, fundraising experience, photography, horse training, and you are willing to share those skills, please let us know!



Volunteers under 18 must have permission from a parent or guardian to participate in our program.
Teens 16-17 may work independently after attending the orientation with their parent or guardian.
Teens 12-15 can volunteer with a parent or guardian as their partner at all times.
All volunteers must have current tetanus inoculation.
Volunteers must pass a criminal background check.

Please complete this online form to help us determine how you can best fit in at HorseSave:



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