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Our "Sponsor A Horse or Donkey" Program provides animal lovers a way to help make a difference!
Many people don't have the extra time to volunteer or maybe just aren't "horse people", but still want to support our efforts at HorseSave. 

For a sponsorship of $25.00 per month (that's less than a dollar a day), you will receive photos and updates on what's happening at HorseSave. You will also have the opportunity to visit the Sanctuary on Sponsor Days, held each month, to come spend time with the equines and your adopted friend. 

By sponsoring a horse, you will provide essential support to our efforts while making a huge difference in the life of a horse!

Do you have someone in your life that loves horses? Consider sponsoring a horse in their name as a gift to both the horse lover and the horse. Give the gift of heart!

Contact us today to sponsor a horse or make a sponsorship in honor of someone as a gift.  Email:



Occasionally we have equine friends that would benefit from being placed in approved "foster homes".
We have a Foster Home Application that is required to insure that we are finding these horses the best environment possible.

To apply to be a foster home please print this form and return it to us.




If you interested in adopting one or more of our horses, please make arrangements to come to the farm.
We require a contract be signed with the promise to adhere to the following stipulations.

  • The horse stabling must be inspected and approved.
  • Good fences and a proper shelter are required.
  • Veterinary references are required.
  • Horses must received required vaccinations and treatment for intestinal parasites.
  • They must have their feet trimmed as needed by a qualified farrier.
  • The horse may not be resold without approval and written permission from HorseSave.
  • No injured or no longer wanted horse is to be sold or given to a killer buyer or horse kill operation.
  • Injured horses are to be euthanized and a report of the veterinary service must be sent to HorseSave.

We try to match the horsemanship of the rider to the horse and reserve the right to refuse adoptions at our discretion.



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