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HorseSave Sanctuary was founded by Carol Richardson.

Carol has been rescuing animals for nearly 30 years but her interest also include youth education and the environment.
Carol has worked with the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service, schools and youth groups, such as Boys and Girl's Clubs and Big Brothers/Big Sisters Clubs across the country to teach the importance of individual actions and how to can make a positive difference in the world by the simple act of planting a tree.

In 1990, she was sited by ADVERTISING AGE Magazine as "The force behind McDonald's extremely successful environmental program, Let's Get Growing America".

Carol single handedly convinced McDonalds to partner with the nation's oldest conservative organization to give away 10 million seedling trees and send out environmental education kits to 60,000 schools across the country.

Carol served as a consultant to ReNew America, The National Environmental Awards Program and as an environmental consultant to REDBOOK magazine.

Carol invites you to come to HorseSave and share her passion for saving animals, and the planet.
She believes we have much to learn from our animal friends!

Carol has found homes for hundreds of rescued animals.
They include 50 American Bison, now living on the Konza prairie and managed by K-State University and The Nature Conservancy; 30 Longhorn cattle, given to the Circle S Dude Ranch in Lawrence Kansas; A pig, later named "Howie," that the KANSAS CITY STAR newspaper called, "A Pig WIth A Serious Streak of Luck," that found its forever home on Carol's farm, after it falling off a semi-truck on Interstate 70.

The horses that have been rescued, rehabilitated and placed, number over a hundred.
Many were donated to the Winding River Girl Scout Camp.


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